The 7 TV Broadcast feeds of the 68 available streams of the PAC-12 Networks are protected for improved quality of service.
The 61 PAC-12 Plus Feeds (schools labeled by their team name) will be open access; most are still in process of being changed over.
You can use this one, or follow through below to request one of your own
ID: p12strm
PW: mm2018
As of: 02.20.18 1856 PT
**TV (7) || Plus [61] **
|| Arizona (1),[6] || Network (1),[4] || Bay Area (1),[13] || Los Angeles (1),[12]
|| Mountain (1),[9] || Oregon (1),[12] || Washington (1),[9] ||
With chat, they can be viewed via either of these 2 sites:

|| GGWP Live || Players Program U ||

As a basic member of GGWP Live (gduck) and/or Player's Program U (gizmocat), access can be granted, for your own account.

This is not the preferred method, but a needed one for improved quality of service.
So as a supporter, or even a basic member of GGWP Live and/or PPU requesting access of your own, here are the basic steps using your member ID:

1. Follow through to generate an ID:encryptedPW or
a. If not comfortable, you can send me the ID and PW you want to use and I will generate it
b. Send it to me via Private Message as above, or by email.
c. If you generate it yourself and the encryptedPW happens to contain a decimal point at the end, be sure to let me know
as I am not able to confirm if it works or not; it's already happened once.
2. Once approved and added, login as needed. (I will send a response to cofirm the add.)
Though be sure to use the ID and regular PW as you wrote them up, as they are case sensitive.
Resubmit if you want it setup a different way, and I will make the adjustments.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

-Brian Gizmo[Cat]Duck

Once logged in, always logged in until you close your browser, or until I come up with another method.
Though you can save the ID/PW upon request by your favorite Internet browser for quicker login.
-Brian Gizmo[Cat]Duck
Copyright 2017+
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